UNESCO World Heritage Junior Ranger Program

Future Park Ranger

Today, before ballet class, I went outside to play and wait for the mailman. I was waiting for a special package! There were no other kids my age outside, because most of them were probably in school. Now that it's springtime, the grass is growing so quickly! I wonder when our building's caretaker will mow our little grassy area?

Future Park Ranger

Eventually, the mailman arrived. I ran right up to him and he told me he had my package! It was my new Junior Ranger badge for doing the UNESCO World Heritage program! UNESCO World Heritage Sites are like National Parks and Monuments, only they are all over the world.

Thirty one

Violet and I were lucky enough to visit one in Ukraine- Saint Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev, the capitol city of Ukraine.  (Violet and I went to Ukraine in 2007 on a family vacation.) This photo is of Violet in front of  Saint Sophia's.

 Several of America's National Parks are also World Heritage Sites. The National Park Service has a great kids' website where you can earn this badge by learning about the World Heritage Program around the world. Click here to go to the site- you can earn a badge too!

Future Park Ranger

I love doing Junior Ranger programs! Doesn't my outfit look kind of like a park service outfit? I think it does! When I grow up, I am going to be a Park Ranger or a ballet dancer. I would love to teach other kids about the natural and cultural wonders in the United States.

I encourage you to do the online Junior Ranger Program for World Heritage in the United States. You can do it!

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