Gateway National Recreation Area: Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge II


On Saturday, Violet came along on one of my family's favorite short hikes- the West Pond loop at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Even though we go there pretty often, Violet didn't get a chance to go last time she was here. Plus, as I mentioned earlier this year, Jamaica Bay just debuted its new Junior Ranger program!


I had fun helping Violet do the different activities in the Junior Ranger booklet. The highlight of the hike was seeing an osprey at its nest! Awesome!


Can you see the osprey in its nest?


At the end of the hike, we headed back to the visitor center. The rangers checked Violet's junior ranger booklet, gave her a badge, and swore her in as a Junior Ranger at Gateway National Recreation Area! Awesome!

To learn more about Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, check out the National Park Service's website at!

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