Statue of Liberty National Monument

Statue of Liberty

My friend Katia is visiting me from her home in Ohio. One of Katia's NYC wishes was to see the Statue of Liberty.  To be honest, I rarely see it myself, so I was up for the trip too.  We had to catch a ferry from Battery Park that took us all the way to Liberty Island.  First of all, the security for the Statue of Liberty is airport style and as a result, the lines to get on the boat are super long.  Second of all, it is freezing cold on a ferry in early March! That doesn't matter though- it's worth it!

Statue of Liberty

Katia was so excited, even if she was the tiniest bit seasick. Doesn't she look pretty with Lady Liberty behind her? I tried to convince her to earn the Statue of Liberty Junior Ranger badge, but she didn't really want to. I'll have to try again on her next visit. While we were on the island, it was cold and windy. We didn't do much but shiver and eat chicken strips in the little restaurant. The ferry back was super cold too- after we got a few more photos, we rode inside the boat instead of on the top deck.  If you don't mind the cold, you can definitely visit the monument in winter, but I think it's better to go in summer.

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