Gateway National Recreation Area; Jacob Riis Park Beach II

Inky & Zoya at the Beach

On Saturday, my friend Zoya Yumiko came to the beach at Jacob Riis Park with me and my family. The sun was shining and the gulls were crying; it was a beautiful day. Zoya and I wandered around looking for sea glass, but we didn't find any.

Inky & Zoya at the Beach

Zoya lives in my building and we're good friends. She is a little shy, so I think she was relieved when Violet decided to stay home with my mom and read. Zoya is really fun. After we gave up on finding sea glass, we pretended we were explorers who had discovered a secret island which no one had ever visited.

Inky & Zoya at the Beach

It was a wonderful afternoon at the beach. We stayed until the sun began to set and then we headed home to our neighborhood. I'm glad Zoya came along!

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  1. You look so pretty, Inky!
    Love your new blog, very creative idea!