Gateway National Recreation Area: Jacob Riis Park Beach III

Fun on the Beach

Hello my friends!  One of the best things about living in New York is that the beach is only minutes away.  My family likes to go to Jacob Riis Beach because there are lots of families there like ours.  Today was a sunny day with just the right temperature, so we drove to the beach! The beach is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

Fun on the Beach

Of course, I had to bring a friend with me! Since most of my friends were busy at day camp or lessons, I brought my Shellington! Shellington is a scientist and an Octonaut. He explores, rescues, and protects the animals of the ocean in a series of really fun books.   Anyway, I really like Shellington. He went to Costa Rica with me this past winter too!

Beaches are really fun and this time, I got to try something really cool- windsurfing! First I had to practice my stance on the beach with an instructor.  I was pretty nervous, but still, I wanted to try something new. My moms were really encouraging me too!

Fun on the Beach

Before long, it was time to actually windsurf! I had to stay close to shore since I'm a kid, but that was fine with me! There have been reports of sharks farther along Long Island, so I was fine with being near the lifeguards with my instructor nearby! Look at me! I was flying! It was really hard to hold the sail up; I'm glad my arms are strong!

Fun on the beach!

It was so so cool! I was flying along the ocean like a flying fish! I felt like an Octonaut myself.

Fun on the Beach

Before I knew it, the sun was starting to get lower and my lesson was over. I slid onto the beach happily. I'm really glad I tried windsurfing!

I think windsurfing is awesome! I love the beach! I'm so glad my moms brought me.  Have you ever tried something new and exciting that made you a little nervous?

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